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Int. Workshop on measuring effects of social protection

Katja Bender and speakers at the int. WS at DIEIZNE together with GIZ and DIE welcomed about 55 participants from 17 countries to join the international workshop on Measuring the social, economic and political effects of social protection: How to
overcome the challenges? held on April 15th -17th 2015 at the German Development Institut (DIE) in Bonn. 

Gruppenfoto Workshop Effektivitätsmessung

It provided a platform for exchange and mutual learning among academics, policy-makers as well as experts from public entities to discuss the challenges and methods of measuring effects of social protection, and the various approaches to tackle them.

This direct exchange between international researchers and practitioners, within a truly open and respectable working atmosphere, was the first of its kind, organised by the GIZ programme Global Alliances for Social Protection in collaboration with DIE and IZNE. It is to be continued, given the high relevance of the topic amid the SDG discussions, as well as the need for closer exchange between academia and practise. 


Further information:

Workshop Report / Press Release

Details about the workshop 


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